Join "The Liberated Speech"

Visitors friends,


We are deeply grateful to you for connecting to our site.
We sincerely hope that its discovery will not disappoint you and that you will find in it the information you seek.
Maybe will you leave a comment on our blog ("Liberate Your Speech!")?
Perhaps will you speak around you, so that others become aware of our action?
Perhaps are you even a friend or relative of one of the victims who filed a testimony on this site, a relative or a friend of one of the founders of "La Parole Libérée"?
Maybe will you take your phone, and send a text message or an e-mail to compliment him for his courage and the struggle he has undertaken?
And of all this he will be grateful and, beyond, the founders and members will be very appreciative.
But please forgive in advance our frankness, that is not enough ...To create, and presently manage an association such as "La Parole Libérée" does not happen by itself.
First, it relies on a great deal of courage and willpower but also of unconsciousness to take the plunge and dare to expose oneself for all to see.
And therefore also expose one's parents, brothers, sisters, wives and children.
Then, it takes time and energy.
We must  trigger the media's interest in the association, and then meet their own demands, contact the judicial and ecclesiastical authorities, and relentlessly seek new testimony, new links to information resources, write articles, relay information, "feed" the site, prepare mailings, send e-mails, organize incriminating material, meetings, phone calls, exchanges ...
And yet, maintaining one's "normal" activity, both professional and among  relatives.
Avoid getting lost, stay the course, communicate just enough, never get discouraged, never give up, get entirely focused ...
Yes: a lot of time and energy, much more than one would expect of himself, are necessary.
Make no mistake: do not seek any complaint between these lines, no pity or watery eyes, although one may sometimes be seriously shaken by the testimony of former Scouts, acquaintances or not, but who saw part of their lives, more or less, "undermined" by the"improper conduct" of a father abbot ...
Some buried their painful memories so deeply that their distress is huge when the time comes for resurgence, for "revelation".
Then we pass through "weird" moments.
Some crises, some tensions too.
For an association lives, as a body.
It is a blend of personalities, all different but united around a common axis and driven by a fierce determination that the association channels, focuses

Animated by the same feeling, deeply rooted, that their action is just and, dare we say, noble.
For the hosts of "La Parole Libérée" know that their action, except to help them break free of their respective burden, will not serve them to obtain justice or redress, except on a moral level.
No ... They engaged in this difficult fight for their children's generation and the next.
For the past deeds to be recognized, certainly, but above all so that they do not reoccur.
For them to cease, and the perpetrators, whoever they are, receive punishment at the height of their actions.
Let us not neglect the hierarchy of these servants of God and all those who have, in « deed, thought or omission » helped protect those perpatrators, and prevent them from a deserved downfall.
All without being in any way motivated by any desire for revenge or any hatred.
Why explain all this, will you say?
Just to tell you that we need your support, in whatever form, but even more, that we need you to join us by joining "La Parole Libérée".
For each new member is for us an additional post that prevents us from flinching.
A will that is an addition to ours, that enhances, extends them, and yes ... give them an additional autonomy.
For convincing you of the correctness of our action reassures us.
Each new member confirms our initial choice, that of wanting to help liberate speech, but also to be a sounding board, an amplifier for these voices that made themselves so shy and discreet throughout these years. Voices of children ....
Each new member is a new helping hand to victims who still have not dared to declare.
Difficult to say so without fear of being "a rug merchant," but it is a language of truth.
Joining will cost you only 10 euros.
But beyond that amount, it is YOU that we rely on.
The more of us , the better our influence will be.
The more we can be taken seriously.
More our word is likely to be heard.
As a group of ten, we have already obtained the audience of national media.
Imagine what can hope today that we are nearly 150 gathered around the same desire, and more tomorrow when you joined us?
We simply ask you to think all this over as you go through the pages of this website.